Christina and Connor

Please join us for our wedding celebration on


We are so excited and honored to have you all a part of our special day! Shortly after we started dating, we decided to study abroad together at the University of College Cork in Ireland. While there we fell in love and Ireland became a special place for the two of us. When deciding how we should celebrate our wedding day, we both knew Ireland would be the perfect place.

We hope that everyone can make the journey to Durrow and share a pint or two with us ;). However, we both truly understand that destination weddings are a lot to ask and unfortunately some guests may not be able to attend. We are hoping to make everyone's experience amazing and if people are leaning towards coming or deciding to send us well wishes from home, we would greatly appreciate if you could let us know. For family members taking the trip over to Ireland with wedding guests, there will be a party the day after at Bob's Bar and all are welcome!

As the day gets closer, please continue to check the website for updates for traveling, accommodations and information on the big day! Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns:


Nina and Connor
Yao Cheng